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[Daily Bleed] aka Daily Cactus: 1/29 TOM PAINE

Sing me of wars, sing me of breadlines,
Tell me of front page news,
Sing me of strikes & last minute headlines,
Dress your observations in syncopation.

Sing me a song with social significance,
All other tunes are taboo...

— "Sing Me a Song with Social Significance"
by Harold Rome (1937)

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True "Founding Father" of America & Revolution.



1737 -- True American revolutionist Thomas Paine lives, Thetford, England.
Unlike the so-called "Founding Fathers", he dies in obscurity, still a revolutionary.
"Let them call me rebel &
welcome, I feel no concern from it;
but I should suffer the misery of
devils, were I to make a whore of my

1834 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Jackson orders first use of American troops to suppress a labor dispute.

1845 -- Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" first appears.

1860 -- Anton Chekhov lives.

1863 -- US: Quota? Bannock & Shoshone Indians in camp on
Bear River, Utah; 200-400 massacred in four hours, including
90 women & children. Obviously what Ayn Rand refers to when
she speaks of the right of the white man's destruction of the
Native Americans since they are bringing "civilization" (property
rights). Genocide does have it's champions...

1880 -- Film comedian W.C. Fields (William Claude Dukenfield) lives.
"Taint a fit night out for man nor beast..."

1886 -- France: Romain Rolland (1866-1944), author & pacifist, lives. Won 1915 Nobel Prize.

1895 -- Key West:


He never sleeps, eats little.

Jose Marti collects people & money, writes articles & letters, gives speeches, poetry readings, & lectures; discusses organizes, buys weapons. More than 20-years of exile have not been able to put out his light...

The workshops are like labor universities. It is the tradition that someone reads books or articles while the others work in silence, & thus the tobacco workers daily receive ideas & news, & daily travel through the world & history & the wonderful regions of the imagination. Through the mouth of the "reader" the human word shoots out & penetrates the women who strip tobacco & the men who twist the leaves & shape cigars on thigh or table.

By agreement with generals Maximo Gomez & Antonio Maceo, Marti gives the order to rise.

The order travels from these Florida workshops & reaches Cuba concealed within a Havana cigar.

1910 -- France: Maurice Joyeux, outstanding figure of French anarchism, lives. In & out of prison for his militant activities, he also opened a bookshop in Paris, "Le Château des brouillards".

1911 -- Mexico: The Mexican liberal party of anarchist Ricardo Flores Magón goes on the offense. They take Mexicali & Tijuana.

1912 -- US: During the Bread & Roses Strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts, police kill Anna LoPizzo.

19 witnesses see an officer fire the fatal shot, but
strike leaders Joseph Ettor & the poet/anarchist
Arturo Giovannitti — three miles away at the time —
are arrested & held for eight months as accessories.

...I want a song that's satirical,
& putting the mere into miracle.
Sing me a song with social significance,
Or you can sing till you're blue,
It must be packed with social fact
Or I won't love you...

1927 -- US: Cactus Ed Abbey, American xenophobic anarchist /
ecologist / novelist lives. His uncompromising works include
The Monkey Wrench Gang; Desert Solitaire; Hayduke Lives.

1939 -- Australia: Feminist/anarchist Germaine Greer, the "Untamed Shrew," lives.

1948 -- Poet Pablo Neruda is granted asylum in the Mexican embassy, Santiago (Chile).

"We are Stalinists!
There is our pride! Stalinists!
There is the Legion of Honor of our time!"

— Pablo Neruda

1956 -- H. L. Mencken dies at 75, Baltimore.

1959 -- US: ¶ Beatser Jack Kerouac participates in a benefit reading for "Big Table" magazine in Chicago.

1964 -- Let 'Er Rip?: Stanley Kubrick's "Dr Strangelove" premieres.

Mein Führer I CAN WALK

1984 -- US: Variety Club auctions off a dinner with Gloria Steinem & Marlo Thomas. The winning bidder?? Al Goldstein, publisher of "Screw" magazine.

1992 -- Blues legend, writer & performer, Willie Dixon dies of heart failure. Dixon influenced a generation of musicians, including the Rolling Stones, & is known for songs like "Back Door Man" & "Little Red Rooster."

1993 -- Gustav Hasford, Vietnam veteran & author of "The Short-Timers"' (filmed by Stanley Kubrick as "Full Metal Jacket"), dies.

"Capital punishment for library violations?":

2002 -- England: Chumbawamba's tune turns the tables on US car giant

The Observer (London):

Anarchist band sell song to General Motors for
$70,000 — but give the money to activists' campaign
against the firm...

2002 -- US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader George W. Bush calls Iraq, Iran & North Korea an "axis of evil". Up Next? Evil Kneevil.

2003 -- Australia: Airports begin using electronic photo-matching
(of faces to passport photos).

Recorded history is largely an account of the crimes & disasters committed by banal little men at the levers of imperial machines. — Ed Abbey

— AuntieBumMeister, 1997-666999

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