Monday, February 16, 2009

[Daily Bleed]: 2/17 ISABELLE EBERHARDT

As the reality of war
drifts off like a thunderhead
our gaze shifts

A blank stare, blink, numb
on to the next one
back to the busy
uneasy of the day.

Barb Adams
Vashon Island, WA USA

excerpt, "That War Over There"


Feminist adventurer, traveled Islamic world dressed as a man.

Egypt: FEAST OF SHESMU, God of the Wine Press.

(According to main character in William Least
Heat-Moon's Blue Highways.)

according to Mayan chronological estimation.



1600 -- Rome: Giordano Bruno, advocate of Copernican theory &
plurality of worlds, burned at the stake by the Catholic Church
in it's beneficent wisdom. Church took a break from buggerin the kids.

1673 -- French playwright Moliere dies. The Church at first denies
him burial on holy ground. The funeral occurs at night to avoid
scandal, but thousands attend in dramatic a torchlight procession.

1792 -- US: Thomas Paine's Rights of Man, Part II is published.
Too radical to be taught in American schools.

1856 -- Heinrich Heine, 58, dies in Paris, leaving his estate to his
wife under the condition that she remarry:

"Then there will be at least one man to regret my death."

1885 -- Emmy Hennings lives, Germany. Met Hugo Ball in 1913,
married him & went to Zurich with him in 1915, where she helped
found the "Cabaret Voltaire" & took part in its performances.

1906 -- US: Idaho police & Pinkertons kidnap IWW leader
Bill Haywood & 2 others in Denver, Colorado for alleged
involvement in the Steunenberg bombing; thus the Western
Federation Mineworker (WFM) leaders Haywood,
Moyer & Pettibone framed on murder charges in Idaho.

1909 -- US: Apache leader Geronimo dies, about 80 years old.

1913 -- US: New York Armory Show brings European
modern art to America.

1930 -- US: "Ollie" becomes the first cow to be flown
& milked in an airplane. Laurel was driving, right?

1933 -- Germany: Hermann Goering endorses Nazi terrorism
after two weeks of violence against labor unions & leaders.

Real journalists like George Seldes who documented
the ties between American companies & the
Nazis were suppressed.

His stories were censored by the US press & his
170,000 subscriber newsletter was driven out of
business by J. Edgar Hoover's American secret
police, the FBI.

1936 -- US: United Rubber Workers (CIO) begin sit-down
strike at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

1940 -- Canada: Emma Goldman suffers a severe stroke
which leaves her paralyzed on the right side & unable to
speak; she is rushed to the hospital where she remains
for six weeks.

1945 -- Germany: Wernher von Braun & other German rocket
scientists evacuate the V-2 rocket site at Peenemünde before
advancing Soviet troops arrive.

These Nazis & Nazi-collaborators figure they are better off
bartering with the US. They readily embraced the goal of
creating weapons during the years of the Third Reich.
After the war they encouraged the myth that described them
as brilliant visionaries whose genius had been exploited by
the Nazi regime.
See "The Nazi Rocketeers: Dreams of Space and Crimes of War"
by Dennis Piszkiewicz.

1970 -- US: 76 are arrested & 20 injured in a downtown confrontation
between police & an anti-war demonstration organized by the Seattle
Liberation Front. Auntie Dave be there, as well as Bleedster Bob B.

Dubbed "The Day After" (TDA), SLF leaders soon
lost control of some 2,000 protesters, including many
teenagers, who began pelting the Courthouse & police with
paint bombs & rocks.

See Walt Crowley's Rites of Passage,

1972 -- US: Ralph Ginzburg enters federal prison for eight
months for publishing "Eros" magazine.

1976 -- US: Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Theatrical
society gives "Woman of the Year" award to Bette Midler.
She says in her acceptance:

This award characterizes what the American male wants
in a woman — brains, talents & gorgeous tits.

1977 -- Italy: Massive demonstrations country-wide as
youngsters continue to reject all authority, this time against
the cooperation of the Communist Party in the government &
with employers.

1982 -- Jazz pianist Thelonius Monk dies in a Pork Pie hat.

"Keep cool, but care..."

All monks should bebop so well.

"Does McClintic Sphere in "V." Stand for Thelonious Monk?"
See Charles Hollander on Thomas Pynchon's novel, "V."

1982 -- Guatemala: US-trained army
massacres 11 children, 5 pregnant women,
9 other women & 28 men, El Quiché.

The American Way.

1989 -- Yugoslavia: The longest chess game on record takes
place in Belgrade, between Ivan Nikolic & Goran
Arsovic. The game took over 20 hours, with 269
moves made between the two, & ended in a draw.

1989 -- Canada: Ottawa temporarily blocks import of Rushdie
novel The Satanic Verses.

1994 -- US: Good Ol' Days? Government report says there are
seven million homeless in the country.

1996 -- US: Three-day UAW wildcat strike at Chrysler truck plant,
Warren, Michigan.

"They want to work you until you drop dead. My neck & arms
are messed up, but they don't care. They want to get rid of
the older people so they can bring in younger ones. I think a
lot of times the union just goes along with the company."


2003 -- US: Poets speak out against the
Bush Regime & the American rightwingnut's
long-time agenda to attack & seize control of Iraq.
Lincoln Center, New York City.

2003 -- US: Tens of dozens of Bush supporters take to the
streets to defend his war plans, according to satirical site Yes, the Internet is obviously given to exaggeration!!
Meanwhile (squeeze yer peepers closed!), Saudi Arabia says an
attack on Iraq without UN backing would be a "war of aggression."

2006 -- International demands grow for the US to close
Guantanamo Bay prison camp: European Parliament, among
others, today urges the prison be closed & inmates given a fair trial...


— anti-Control 1997-3007 & in perpetuity
(or thereabouts...close counts!)