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[Daily Bleed]: 2/15 EDGAR SNOW

We feed you a hundred barrels of flour
Each time you roar. Your flame is fed
With twenty thousand loaves of bread.
Silence! A million hungry men
Seek bread to fill their mouths again.

"To a Nine-Inch Gun", sent on a crumpled piece of paper
to the "New York World" by P.F. McCarthy, c.1915, with
the author's address given as Fourth Bench, City Hall Park
[Provided by Bleedster Gavin]

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American journalist, supporter of Chinese revolution.

Ancient Rome: LUPERCALIA, popular Roman sex
fest & love lottery (which christians attempted to
over-write by introducing Valentine's Day a day
before): revellers whip each other to frenzy & fertility
with 'februa' — thongs — from which the name of the
month is derived.


399 -- [BC] Philosopher Socrates sentenced to death.

1748 -- Jeremy Bentham, utilitarian philosopher, lives. Extols
"the greatest happiness of the greatest number." Soundz Subverzive.
Or bad TV.

1779 -- Samuel Johnson joins in the squabble between Hume,
Voltaire, & Rousseau, suggesting that Rousseau be indentured
to work on the plantations.

1820 -- US: Susan B. Anthony lives, early feminist & suffragist.

1820 -- In his journal Lord Byron calls John Keats,

"A tadpole of the Lakes".

1894 -- England: The Royal Observatory, in Greenwich, is the
apparent target of Martial Bourdin, a 26-year-old French anarchist,
armed with a bomb, which explodes in his hand.

The incident is best-known due to Joseph Conrad's book
The Secret Agent (1907). He used this incident to weave
a literary tale of conspiracy & tragedy which was all his own
invention. The story further inspired Alfred Hitchcock's
film "Sabotage" (1936).

1908 -- Socialist/dramatist George Bernard Shaw responding to
attacks by Hilaire Belloc & G. K. Chesterton, in the New Age
dubs the pair

"the Chesterbelloc ... a very amusing pantomime elephant."

1910 -- "The Uprising of the Twenty Thousand," the International
Ladies' Garment Workers Union Triangle Shirtwaist strike that began
September 27, declared officially over by ILGWU; by now 339
manufacturing firms have reached agreements with the union.

1915 -- Publication of "Manifesto Against the War", signed by 35
anarchists, including Errico Malatesta, Domela Nieuwenhuis, Louis
Lecoin, Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman, Alexander Schapiro, et al.

1934 --

"All Austrian schools, meanwhile, were closed
for an indefinite period under a government decree
issued to keep children off the hazardous streets"

— "San Francisco Chronicle," 15 February 1934

The following poem is preceded by
the newspaper excerpt above...

Keep the children off the streets,
there is an alphabet written in blood
for them to learn,
there is a lesson thundered by collapsed
books of bodies.

They might be riddled by the bullets
of knowledge
. . .
there is a volume written with three
thousand bodies that can never
be hidden,
there is a sentence spelled by the
grim faces of bereaved women
there is a message, inescapable, that
vibrates the air with voices of

— Tillie Olsen, "There Is a Lesson"

1941 -- Duke Ellington & his Orchestra records one of big
band's all time classics, "Take the "A" Train".
See "Some Thoughts on Jazz ..." by Kenneth Rexroth,

1946 -- France: Jean Vigo's film "Zéro for Conduct" is finally
released, after being banned since 1933.

1966 -- Colombia: Father Camilo Torres killed by government troops.

"We know that hunger is mortal" said the priest Camilo Torres.

"& if we know that, does it make sense to
waste time arguing whether the soul is immortal?"

Camilo believed in Christianity as the practice of loving
one's neighbor, & wanted that love to be effective. He had
an obsession about effective love.

That obsession made him take up arms, & because of it,
he has died, in an unknown corner of Colombia, fighting
with the guerrillas.

— Eduardo Galeano, Century of the Wind

'The Catholic who is not a revolutionary
is living in mortal sin.'

— Camilo Torres

1988 -- No Joke? Scientist, wit, free thinker Richard P.
Feynman dies. Won the1965 Nobel for physics.

1997 -- In "Railway Tracks Action Day," some 15,000 in Wendland,
Germany block & dismantle railroad lines scheduled to be used for
shipment of nuclear waste.

1997 -- France: The anarchist bookshop in Lyon, "La plume noire,"
is torched by rightwing extremists.

2000 -- US: BleedMeister's housefire. Just another cheap excuse
to get out of work. Homeless for the next 4 months. It's cold outside.

2003 -- Peace flags appear around the globe. Millions around the
world, in over 300 cities, demonstrate in opposition to the American
government's bloody agenda, determined many years ago, to attack Iraq.
One million rally in Rome alone.

Number of American politicians acting to end the war: 0
Number of years Benevolent America will occupy Iraq in its war
against Oceania ...
Number of buckaroonies American corporate profiteers extract from Iraq ...
Number of innocent Iraqi men, women & children murdered by
American troops & mercenaries in the effort to ...


I can't go on. I
must go on.

— Samuel Beckett


— BleedMeisterAnteDave, anti-BooksofBodies

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