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i have three wings.
with whom do i flock?

— Wanda Coleman,
"American Sonnet (29)"

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French Marxist scholar of Islam & Arabic history.
"Old Codger for Peace"
Australian anarchist agitator, social rebel.



Lost history viewed through cracks in the cartographies of control...

— Ron Sakolsky & Bleedster James Koehnline, eds.
Gone to Croatan: Origins of North American Dropout Culture


1695 -- US: A Good Kidder? The first workman's compensation
agreement in America, by pirate William Kidd — 600 pieces of
8 or 6 slaves to compensate for a lost arm or leg.

1877 -- Netherlands: Kees van Dongen lives (d.1968). Artist &
a founder of Fauvism. In 1903 Félix Fénéon got him working for
the anarchist magazine "La Revue Blanche" for which he produced
light-hearted drawings.
1884 -- Linguistic relativist Edward Sapir lives, Germany.
Daily Bleed Saint 2004-2005. Linguistic anthropologist, theorist
of language-realities.

1887 -- Mikhael Guerdjikov (1877-1947) lives. Bulgarian influenced
by Bakuninist ideas.

1914 -- The Vatican puts Belgian Nobel winner Maeterlinck's
works on the Index (banned list).

Belgian Symbolist playwright & poet.

His Pelléas et Mélisande (1892) is considered a masterpiece
of Symbolist drama, &, in composer Claude Debussy's sensitive
musical setting (1902), remains popular in the public eye. Praised
by libertarian critics, such as Octave Mirbeau (whose review first
made Maeterlinck famous), & Emma Goldman, who included him in her
famed drama lectures.

1915 -- France: Marxist Arabic Islamicist, historian Maxime Rodinson lives, Paris.

1925 -- US: In Seattle, the University Bookstore moves off campus
to "the Ave", where it can be much closer to the Blue Moon Tavern.
Both august educational institutions continue into the 21st century,
one sucking the swill corporate money & control provides, the other
fine wines, hefty dark brews, loud music & much philosophical sport.

1924 -- Armand Gatti lives, in Monaco. Libertarian playwright,
author of more than 40 plays.

His father Gino Gatti, a Piedmontese anarchist, was a
comrade of Carlo Cafiero, & involved in many struggles in

A Resistance member during WWII, Armand Gatti was
captured in 1943, condemned to death & shipped to
Germany, near Hamburg, from which he escaped to

For Gatti the theatre is "a perpetual medium for freedom".
Resistance & exile are themes in his works. His "La passion
du général Franco" (1968) was banned in France, under
pressure from Franco's fascist government.

1942 -- US: West Coast Hearst newspapers engage in a vilifying
attack on Japanese-Americans & begin the public outcry for mass
exclusion. Hearst's papers are renowned for their fine reportage.

1929 -- Cartoonist/dramatist ("Little Murders") Jules Feiffer
lives, New York City.

1944 -- US: Angela Davis, African American commie activist,
lives, Birmingham, Alabama.

1945 -- Singer-comedienne Marti Caine lives.

Oddly, she changed her name from Lynda Crapper.

1948 -- John Lomax dies (1867-1948). Folk Singer, music Producer,
author, folklorist who collected folk songs & tales, documenter of
musical heritage. Amassed some ten thousand recordings for the
Library of Congress. Father of Alan Lomax.

Inspires Boom-Boxes in trunks of cars.

1968 -- France: 40 members of the Nanterre University anarchist
group march into the faculty hall with comical posters ridiculing
the police.

Authorities call in the flics; 1,000 students fight back & stage
a protest meeting. Also today there are violent exchanges during
a demonstration by strikers at Caen. The movement (May 1968) thus
launched grows quickly. Antecedents of the May student-worker
uprisings throughout Paris & France which nearly topple
the government.

Billy-club Grappin
Dean Grappin appeals to the police to reprimand a demonstration
by anarchists & Enragés opposing the presence of plain-clothes
police on campus.

The police are chased off & cars are set alight.

On the 29th En attendant la cybernétique, les flics (Waiting
for Cybernetics, the Cops), a Situationist fly-poster denouncing
"Billy-club Grappin" by the Nanterre Enragés appears.

1971 -- England: Noam Chomsky, famed linguist, critic &
anarcho-syndicalist, delivers the Bertrand Russell Memorial
Lecture, Cambridge.

1972 -- Coffee, Tea, or... Oh, Damn!!!:

Stewardess Vesna Vulovic survives 10,160m fall

without a

1990 -- US: Technology critic Lewis Mumford dies.

"Layer upon layer, past times preserve
themselves in the city until life itself is
finally threatened with suffocation; then, in
sheer defense, modern man invents the

1998 -- US: Seattle songster Jim Page plays The Wild Duck
Brewery in Eugene, Oregon,

there's a shadow on the promised land
shiver in the winter
freezin' in the empty space
seems like nobody really cares about anybody anymore
if you ain't got a lot of money
or a pretty face
& it's slander for slander, it cuts like a knife
this ain't no game we're playin', this is real life

Audio: Whose World is This
Stranger In Me


Statement of principles issued by Project for
the New American Century, signed by those
men today, asserts that the key challenge for
the US is "to shape a new century favorable
to American principles & interests".

This requires "a military that is strong &
ready to meet both present & future
challenges; a foreign policy that boldly &
purposefully promotes American principles
abroad; & national leadership that accepts
the United States' global responsibilities".

A blunt attempt by the superpower to
reshape the world to suit itself.

On January 26, 1998, these men wrote to
President Clinton, urging him "to enunciate a
new strategy", namely "the removal of
Saddam Hussein's regime from power". If
Clinton failed to act, "the safety of American
troops in the region, of our friends & allies
like Israel & the moderate Arab states, & a
significant portion of the world's supply of oil
will all be put at hazard".

They acknowledged that this doctrine would
be opposed, but "American policy cannot
continue to be crippled by a misguided
insistence on unanimity in the UN Security

Project for the New American Century,
is the pressure group established by,
among others, Dick Cheney, Donald
Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz,
Lewis Libby, Elliott Abrams & Zalmay
Khalilzad, all of whom (except the
president's brother) are now senior
officials in the US government....


2001 -- Samuel H. Day Jr. dies, age 74. A self-proclaimed
"Old Codger for Peace" & author of Prisoners On Purpose:
A peacemaker's guide to jails & prisons. Journalist, civil
libertarian & militant opponent of nuclear weapons who
led a magazine in a landmark First Amendment court battle
over the publication of an article on the hydrogen bomb.

"If it is right to honor those who
served in the cause of war, then it
is equally right to honor those who
served in the cause of resistance
to war."

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Pattern generation by deductive & inductive reasoning.
Persons adept at pattiducking often become professional
synthesizers & are favorites of the Dilettante Dept.

By concentrating on the patterns inherent in all phenomenon,
pattiduckers can come to sweeping conclusions concerning
current & future events. Pattiduckers are not concerned with
rote memorization of facts but rather discerning the pattern
facts fall into when considered as a whole.

Most Pattiduckers make good use of reference works &
computational aids to compensate for their disinterest with

See Also: Language.

— Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner


— Auntie Winging It, 1997

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